Dispelling Four Employer Background Check Myths

More employers are conducting background checks on potential employees today than ever before.  Companies understand the importance of adding quality employees to the team and how costly it can be to consistently train new people to join the team. Conducting a background check from the get-go ensures that you’re getting a quality employee to join the team. But, there’s many myths out there surrounding employer background check services. Four of them are below, as well as the truth behind them.

Myth One: All Employers Conduct the Same Type of Background Check

Yes, it is true that all employers must conduct their background check according to the Fair Credit Report Act standards areas, but some go to greater lengths than others to dig up dirt about you. So, the information found on one report may be much different than the next.

Myth Two: Employers Never Look at Social Media

So not true in 2019. In fact, many employers start their investigation with a peek at a person’s social media profile. Don’t assume because you’ve set your profile to private that you are protected either. Nothing that you post online is really safe.

Myth Three: Employers Just Want an Excuse Not to Hire

employer background check services

Employers do not conduct these checks to dismiss potential candidates from the pool but rather to protect their money, their business, and their good name, as well as the safety of themselves and other employees and customers.

Myth Four: It’s Only Criminal Charges

Employers are looking for more than criminal charges, thought they do gain access to this information. They want to know your credit worthiness and score, prior living history, etc. This tells them a lot about the type of person you are and what they can expect with you on their team.